The Bag Ladies of Sequim, WA

An eclectic shop for the descriminating shopper

"Wearable art: by recycling one blanket and garment at a time"

"Wearable art: by recycling one blanket and garment at a time"

The Bag Ladies of Sequim WA, up-cycling items for a new purpose with an artful twist. We create colorful usable items from old wool blankets and garments that have otherwise seen their last days. All of our creations are one of a kind items that are hand made. Our items are a unique combination of felting, hand dying, beading, embroidering and appliqueing. Fun comfortable warm clothing and accessories, that are as unique as you are.

The Bag Ladies

We established this business to meet people and other artisans in our new community. We started selling our items at our local Sequim Farmers Market, here in Sequim WA, and any other surrounding areas art festivals. This business was developed as our "retirement fun business", and we are enjoying every minute of it! My mom ( 89 years young) and myself (60 years young) like to challenge our creativity with wonderful new creations for all ages and genders. Our "up-cycled" products are produced from items that might otherwise be discarded.  Many people donate items to us to reuse because of our "give them new life, philosophy"

The process in creating these items is time consuming, so our items are more of a labor of love and not of profit.  Many hours are involved in  producing each item. We start by felting the original items several times which not only thoroughly cleanse the original item, but also insures there will be no more shrinkage.  Therefore, all of our items are washable. We then hand dye the original item; another lengthy process. Next is the cutting of the "new item", then off to be hand embroidered, hand beaded or, even, both. Once this has been done the "new item" is now sewn and final detailing is done. All of our slippers and garments are machine wash cold gentle cycle ( as you would any other colored item) The handbags and coin bags, if there is any bead work on the item, we recommend hand wash cold and then air dry. Tumble dry cool slippers and garments or hot if you need just a little more shrinkage: such with the slippers for a perfect fit. 

We hope you appreciate each unique, one of a kind item, that we have created especially for you.  We also gladly accept donations of 100% wool items.

Please contact us or                                                           call Victoria @ 801-918-3202